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Show Management

SHOW  MANAGER  Shannon O’Dell [509] 951-8053

SHOW  SECRETARY  Marla Fadel [801] 682-7521  | STALL  RESERVATIONS  Click here

2018 SHOW COMMITTEE Niki Abilla, Kory Kumar, Shannon O’Dell & Linda Vance


Join us in Nampa, Idaho August 9-18 for the 2018 ZONE ONE ZONE-O-RAMA and Snake River Paint Horse Show!

Stall and RV reservations now open

$35 per day in all letter barns (B,C,D,E,G,H,J,K,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W) 

$40 per day in the Snake River Stampede or Stampede Whiskey barns

This year we have simplified the stall & RV reservations between the Snake River ranch show and the Zone One / Inland NW shows in that you will make a single reservation for your entire stay.

The Ford Idaho Horse Park has implemented new reservation software.  We do encourage you to go test the system before the open date rolls around - think of a cross between a hotel & concert ticket system.  IF YOU ARE TRYING TO DO YOUR RESERVATION FROM A MOBILE DEVICE, you will not be able to use/see the interactive map and the software will simply assign the first available stall or RV location.  So if you want choices, book from your computer.

Put in your arrival & departure dates – the number of adults leave at 1 because it is not applicable to your reservation.  We recommend not putting in search filters if you want to see everything available (once you click on a stall it will give you details about the stall).  Then click “Search Availability".  Available stalls & RVs will be highlighted in green.  Click the stall you want and click "book" which will take you to a screen to add shavings/pellets - then click "continue".  At the bottom right of that summary page click “Add Additional Booking” which will walk you through the save steps above for you to add each additional stall or RV.  Once you have all of your stalls & RV reserved and are happy with the summary, click "Continue To Checkout".  This is where you input your name, address & credit card (card is not charged at this time - click "cancellation policy" at the bottom of the page for deadlines & fees).  Between the Name & Credit Card fields, there is a field for reservation notes if you want to add a golf cart or anything else you want the stall office to have (it’s a good idea to make sure they have your golf cart by separate phone call or email just since this system is new).


There are 44 permanent RV spaces and the facility can accommodate around 80 total, so if you get put on a wait list, that is after the 44 spaces so don't panic. 

TRAINERS – if you are doing a large block of stalls, the software at this time does not allow you to multi click stalls and we know it could be time prohibitive to do this process for large blocks of stalls.  Therefore the stall office will do your reservation by phone – we still recommend you go look at the interactive map of where you want your stalls (for example, you want 6 stalls in E and 4 stalls facing them in D).

Stall Map here